Friday, December 25, 2009

Change of Registration Date to 29th December 2009

Salam to all Diploma graduates of Fast Track,

The actual registration date is to be held on 29th of December 2009, which falls on Tuesday as being stated in your "surat tawaran and not on the 2nd of January as stated earlier. Sorry for the inconvenient caused.

Students are advised to reprint the "surat tawaran penerapan" again from the students' portal as new updates by "Bahagian Pengambilan" has been made on 25th of December.

Thank You



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Problems on Tawaran Penerapan

Salam to Fast Track Diploma Graduates

119 students from your batch have been offered to continue their studies in the Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons). programme at Shah Alam campus. Nevertheless due to the system problem, 48 of the students will not be able to view their offer letter in the student portal yet under the heading of penerapan fast track. This is because there was a server failure earlier at the database centre resulting in the data not being fully processed. Furthermore, some of you had applied for the degree programme earlier online, though you were not required to do so as you are under the penerapan process . I was told by the Bahagian Pengambilan that they are trying to rectify this as soon as possible. Kindly give them some time to overcome the problem.

Thank You

Pendaftaran Kursus sesi Januari - April 2010

Untuk makluman para pelajar, sistem isis mengalami masalah teknikal. Sehubungan itu, para pelajar dinasihatkan untuk mencuba semula mendaftar kursus pada hari Isnin (28 Disember 2009).

Para pelajar juga diminta menyemak maklumat penting seperti berikut:-

1. Program UEM
Kumpulan : AC2204A
- Kumpulan ini dikhaskan untuk pelajar yang terlibat dengan program UEM sahaja

2. Kumpulan AC2204P
- kumpulan ini dikhaskan kepada pelajar yang repeat AUD390 sahaja

3. Kumpulan AC2206Q
- Kumpulan ini dikhaskan kepada pelajar yang repeat FAR430 sahaja

4. Kumpulan AC2208P
- Kumpulan ini dikhaskan kepada pelajar yang repeat FAR500 sahaja

5. AIS630
Kumpulan AC2206P
- untuk kod AIS630, sila daftar dalam kumpulan berikut:-
kumpulan AC2206E atau AC2206H atau AC2206K atau AC2206L

Kumpulan AC2206Q - untuk kod AIS630, sila daftar dalam kumpulan berikut:-
kumpulan AC2206A atau AC2206D atauAC2206G atau AC2206M

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Salam to all Fast Track Diploma in Accountancy graduates for Dec 2009

You are required to do the following in order to be absorbed into the BAcc programme for the period Jan - Apr 2010:

1. Print an offer letter in Bhg Pengambilan Pelajar website through students' portal. The offer letter for penerapan will be included in the website starting from 24th December 2009 from 5pm onwards.

Do click a menu of tawaran penerapan/ asasi, not tawaran penerapan Sarjana Muda Perakaunan.

2. To register subjects after registration has been made.

3. To immediately attend your class once it begins, irrespective whether registration has been made or not. Class group allocation will be made by the KP. Please check the faculty's notice board at level 12 for details.

Thank You

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Salam to all Fast Tracks,

Starting this semester, you are all required to evaluate your respective lecturers' performance online. This can be done through your students' portal. The procedures are as follows:

1. Once you have enter your password, you can see a menu stating " i-learning portal" on your left.

2. Click the menu and you will see the list of courses consisting of teachning lecturers for you to evaluate.

Please do it as soon as possible

Thank You

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Kepada Semua Pelajar
PART 6 (Fast Track @ Normal Track)
Yang Berminat Untuk Mengikuti


Pada Semester Januari 2010
Sila Ambil Dan Hantar
Borang Permohonan
Pada/Sebelum 10 Ogos 2009

Di Kaunter Pejabat Tingkat 14
*** NOTA: Bagi pelajar yang mendapat CGPA > 3.3, pihak PETRONAS sedia untuk membiayai pengajian program MICPA.

Invention, Innovation & Design Competition 2009

Tuesday, August 5, 2009

Invention, Innovation & Design Competition 2009

Accounting Research Institute (ARI) dan Fakulti Perakaunan akan mengadakan pertandingan Invention, Innovation and Design (IID) peringkat Fakulti pada 28 & 29 September 2009 bertempat di ruang legar tingkat 12, Fakulti Perakaunan.

Semua pelajar dialu-alukan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini. Sebarang idea/produk rekacipta anda (cth: accounting games, CGPA planner, etc.) boleh dipertandingkan sama ada secara individu atau berkumpulan.

Pelajar yang berjaya dalam pertandingan peringkat Fakulti seterusnya akan mewakili Fakulti ke peringkat UiTM dalam pertandingan IID UiTM, Januari 2010. Kejayaan di peringkat UiTM akan melayakkan peserta untuk ke pertandingan peringkat kebangsaan (ITEX, MTE, PECIPTA etc.) dan antarabangsa (Geneva, Pittsburgh, Seoul etc.).

Borang penyertaan boleh di perolehi di pejabat akademik Fakulti Perakaunan (Tingkat 11) ataupun di bilik Ketua Program. Borang yang telah siap diisi hendaklah di pulangkan kepada Ketua Program: Puan Intan (Normal Track), En. Ezrien (Fast Track) sebelum 31 Ogos 2009.
Harap Maklum

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I have already distributed the PC form to one of your representative. Kindly fill up the grades for the courses that you have taken during your diploma years as indicated in the form in two copies.

Submit the form to me possibly by the end of this week 10th of july or 13th of july.

Thank You



All part 4 BAcc students can now start to register your courses online. Kindly register in the group that you are currently in.

Should you have problem, see me at the office

Thank You



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Courses Registration For Part 4 Fast Track Degree Students


Kindly take note that all new part 4 degree students are required to attend classes immediately commencing on the 6th of July 2009. Online registration can be made once the ISIS system has upload your particulars accordingly.

You shall allocate your classes groupings in accordance to your last diploma final year groupings, for instance, if you were from AC110 4A last semester, your current class would be AC220 4A.

As for the third language class, if you are interested to join Mandarin class, please give your name to me as soon as possible preferably by 7th July 2009, I shall forward it to APB. This is because the class is highly demanded and though you have provided your names, it does not guarantee that you will get it.

Thank You

Class Groupings For BAcc Fast Track Programme

Salam to All

Degree Fast Track students of following semesters are required to register into following fast track classes accordingly.

BAcc part 4:
Class AC220 4A; AC220 4B; AC220 4C; AC220 4D

BAcc part 5:
Class AC220 5A; AC220 5B; AC220 5C

BAcc part 6:
Class AC220 6A; AC220 6B; AC220 6C

BAcc part 8
Class AC220 8A; AC220 8B

Thank You

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Salam to all

Please take note that the intake department will issue the "tawaran penerapan" letter to all Jun 2009 diploma graduates who have passed their intersession papers beginning on 2nd to 3rd of July 2009 online.The registration for the "tawaran penerapan" will be on 4th of July at DSB. Kindly review students portal website to get access on your "tawaran penerapan". Classes will commence on 6th of July 2009 and all students are required to attend them irrespective of whether they have register for their courses or not. For further information, please call your head of programme.

Steps to generate the offer letter from students portal website:
1. Enter student portal website
2. Click semak status permohonan
3. Click keputusan penerapan lulusan pra diploma/ asasi uitm
4. Click keputusan penerapan pelajar asasi ke program ijazah sarjana muda
5. Enter your i/c no. and check your status

Thank You

Friday, June 19, 2009

the new FAST TRACK blog

salam to everyone,

this blog in currently in the upgrading process. so just follow the new changes and update on this blog very soon. To all the fast track students that will sit for the intersession examination, we wish you all the best and good luck!

thank you

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Salam to all part 4 DIA (AC110) Fast Trackers,

Please take note that you are all required to register for intersession Jun 2009's subjects as soon as possible, not later than 16th April 2009. This is to ensure the allocation of classes can be done efficiently ahead of your final examination date .Kindly get the registration form from the office, prior to that fees should be paid to the Bursary. For those who are JPA and MARA scholars, you do not need to make the fees payment, nevertheless you are obliged to complete the intersession registration form.

Thank You


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi, the new era has just begun..... I am your new Fast Track Ketua Program, starting to serve the position from Jan 2, 2009. Should you have any inquiries or matters to discuss with me, do not hesitate to e-mail your grudges...... . I hope that all of you will give full cooperation and involvement with all activities that I and AFTAS have planned.......

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