Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Salam to all Bachelor of Accountancy students,

For those who are interested to attend a special clinic on FAR400 course, please do so at the following location, date and time. The FAR400 clinic course is open for all degree students irrespective of whether you are a first timer or repeater for the subject. The clinic is to be held on Friday,30th March 2012 from 3.00pm untill 5.00pm,at room 1102 level 11. Please take this opportunity to improve and enhance your skills and understanding pertaining to FAR400 course. "Let us all aim for A for FAR400"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Registration of Courses for New Part 4 Students

Salam to all

Part 4 students who have just being offered to pursue a Bachelor Ac220 program can now register the part 4 courses. You can refer the following attachment for further details of the subjects than can be taken. Make sure you just register the part 4 subjects.

As for the coming Monday of 5th March, you are all required to attend a special meeting with the Dean,and all of the administrators including myself around 2pm at one of the Dewan Kuliah, next to the Post office. A notice will be raised at the notice board, so please be alert for the details.I shall be briefing about credit exemptions and the programme structure that you will be taking throughout your study on that day.