Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Intersesi Fast Track

Salam to all Puncak Perdana Fast Track's Accounting students,

For the forthcoming break period of October 2011, only the current part 4 students are required to be in Shah Alam campus to sit for the intersession courses. Details of courses duration is as attached.

For the current part 4 students only, the intersession 2 period will start off on 17th October 2011 at Shah Alam main campus (Menara SSAAS). We are currently working to get hostel arrangement with the college unit. Lecture period as indicated in the schedule is from 17th October 2011 until 18th November 2011. The intersession examination for the part 4 students shall commences from 23 November 2011-25 November 2011.

For other students in part 3, 2 and 1, your intersession 1 will be conducted as per schedule during the intersession period of 21 May 2012.

All of the students study period will still be on track for the continuation to the Bachelor degree level. For example, the part 4 students will be able to proceed to bachelor studies level on 5th of March 2011 and the current part 3 students will also be on track to join the degree programme during the 12th September intake.

We are very sorry for the changes that you all have to encounter. Yet we have to follow suit inline with the requirement set by the Ministry of Higher Education on streamlining the Diploma programme study period.

Thank You.